Twice a Slave

Written by Sammy Tippit with Randy Willis

TAS-IconF8F8F8_BookCover When the son of a Cherokee slave determines to find his purpose and discover his identity, he becomes a slave a second time. This fictional account of the life of Joseph Willis is rooted in early American history and filled with drama: a forbidden romance, faith molded by tragedies, and the courage to forgive. A half-English/half-Cherokee slave changes the course of Louisiana history when a fresh wind blows across his heart.

Sammy Tippit wrote this heart-warming novel with historical information provided by Randy Willis, a descendent of Joseph Willis.

Some encouraging words from Amazon Reviewers ..

  • “This is so well written, holds your attention, is historically correct, has a deep spiritual message.” — J. W.
  • “Great read. Incredible story line. Once you begin you won’t want to put it down.” — L.W.
  • “The book exceeded my expectations. It was hard to put down. Amazing story of God at work in impossible circumstances.” — R.C.
  • “I love to read stories of triumph over adversity. I also love to read accounts of how God has moved in a person’s life or a people’s history. Twice a Slave was an engaging read that did both.” — M.C.
  • “A compelling story of a man stepping out in faith while relying and waiting on God to provide. It gives great insight into the hardships faced by those who helped to shape our country and the inhumanity of slavery.” — Occdoc