God’s Glory in the Darkness


The coldest moments of the night normally come immediately before the beauty of the dawn. When the sun rises, the world warms. So, it is with revival among God’s people. Darkness normally precedes the radiance of God’s glory. The great historic awakenings have taken place in very dark moments of history. When people become hopeless, they cry to God for an outpouring of His Spirit. He responds to such heart-cries, and an explosion of His glory shatters the darkness.

Sammy Tippit chronicles stories of God’s glory in some of the darkest places on the planet. God’s Glory in the Darkness shares the miraculous story of the Revolution in Romania, one of the greatest revivals in modern history. Author Sammy Tippit ministered in the country before, during and after the revolution. He details how God worked in Romania and East Germany and offers hope to Christians in this generation.

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