Character in the Darkness

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When darkness creeps into the culture, God looks for men and women through whom He can shine brightly. Character in the Darkness is filled with stories of the people who have illuminated the darkest nights. In this e-book, Sammy Tippit shares the testimony of two men, one in East Germany and the other in Romania, who lit fires that brought light to their nations. Tippit provides Biblical truths that show the way from night to the dawn of a new day.

Character in the Darkness is the second e-book in the Light in the Darkness series. It describes the foundation of a renewal that has already transformed hearts, homes, and entire nations. God’s method for revival hasn’t changed over the centuries. He works through people – ordinary people, those who are committed to developing Christ-like character. The book opens with a clear but profound statement, “Character shines brightest when the night is darkest, and it displays its beauty when we are at our weakest.”

Sammy Tippit has ministered in Romania and East Germany during the dark days of communism and met the unsung heroes that brought light to their nations. He tells their stories and shares the truths that are desperately needed in the Western world today.

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