Praying For Your Family

PFYF-Book Praying for Your Family provides hope for your home and explains how to forge a future for your family. You will read inspirational testimonies, learn foundational principles, and apply tremendous truths that enable you to pray effectively for your family.

  • The Meeting Place: The place where God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Will intersect. There you will discover the joy of intimacy with God.
  • Praying for Your Family: Learn Biblical principles that will make an eternal impact on your family. Praying for Your Children: Praying in a manner that can transform your children’s lives.
  • Praying With a Forgiven Heart and a Forgiving Heart: Learn to pray with a forgiven and a forgiving heart and you will discover the secret of power in your prayer life.
  • Tearing Down Strongholds: Identify the spiritual strongholds in your family and in your life and understand how to overcome them.
  • Desperate Praying: Watch your burdens turn into blessings when you pray with a desperate heart.
  • Leaving a Legacy: Not only will prayer be an example for future generations, but your prayer life will become the legacy you leave.