Multiplying Disciples

“When the great truths of prayer, repentance, and revival are loaded on to the dock of innovation, the gospel can be transported to the most unreached peoples of the world. The gospel can spread beyond our wildest imaginations, even as it did in the first century.”

— Sammy Tippit

From Multiplying Disciples – Social Media and the New Roman Road

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Multiplying Disciples
Sammy Tippit weaves the biblical principles of prayer and revival with some creative concepts of social media that enable Christians to multiply disciples around the world. This isn’t just theory with the author. He has successfully practiced these truths for the past four years by using today’s technology. These principles enabled him to proclaim the gospel to more than fourteen million people in eleven languages during May 2020. Thousands of new believers were immediately helped into small groups. The small discipleship groups then began teaching the new Christians how to be a true follower of Jesus.

Now Sammy Tippit provides a road map for every Christian who is interested in using social media to make disciples of Jesus. When you read Multiplying Disciples, you will not only begin to seek God for a sweeping revival, but you will learn how to reach others with the gospel and help them to grow in their faith.

Looking for signs of the coming of Jesus? Read Multiplying Disciples and you can do more than watch and wait. You can be part of the movement that brings it about.
From the Foreword –– by Jerry B. Jenkins, Best Selling Author

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