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Until March 10, 2015, Sammy Tippit Books will provide a copy of God’s Glory in the Darkness audiobook FREE with a purchase of God’s Glory in the Darkness e-book. After March 10, Sammy Tippit Books will sell the audiobook for $6.08 – the same price as Amazon.com will be selling it for.

When you purchase the e-book from Sammy Tippit Books, you indicate how many copies of the e-book you want. You will be charged $2.99 per copy. If you buy multiple copies of the “special offer”, you will download only one copy each of the PDF file and the audiobook. However, we give you permission to distribute the copies however you wish. For example, if you purchase 10 copies, you may keep one copy and send the links to nine others – or you may send the links to 10 other people (you are not keeping one for yourself). You are free to purchase as many copies as you want. There is no limit. However, you only have permission to use or distribute the number of copies you purchase.

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To receive more detail information about God’s Glory in the Darkness, you can visit the book page for God’s Glory in the Darknessclick here.