Light in the Darkness Series

LightInTheDarknessBanner_141212I’ve become increasingly burdened that we’ve missed one of the most important elements of the terrorist movement. It’s a deeply spiritual crusade, which has wrapped itself in darkness for centuries. If we don’t come to grips with the spiritual dimension of this looming worldwide darkness, I’m concerned that our children and grandchildren in the Western world will face barbaric acts of persecution we never imagined possible. The children of many of my friends and colleagues in other countries already face such terror.

While the darkness of radical Islam grows, the church has been rocked to sleep in the bed of apathy. We’ve pulled the covers over our heads and said, “Night is approaching. We need our rest. All will be better in the morning.” However, we must never forget the bright and shining Light that has been the foundation for Western society. It’s that Light which has guided us through the darkest nights and will lead us victoriously into the future.
— From Chapter One of The Approaching Darkness —

This series consists of eleven books, which guides Christians on a path of personal renewal and corporate revival. One e-book will be released each month beginning January 1, 2015. They will be provided in formats that anyone with a computer will be able to read. We encourage readers to take one year and seek God for revival. These books will keep the need before you and give guidance for your life on a monthly basis.

Light in the Darkness series books (paperback):

Light in the Darkness series of e-books:

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