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Spotlight-in-the-DarkI’m concerned. Very concerned. Dark clouds are rapidly approaching Western civilization, and we’re standing on the verge of one of the greatest storms in modern history. We’re facing acts of terror that we thought had been left in the Dark Ages. We’re witnessing immorality march down Main Street and proclaim its purity, while the masses stand on the sidewalks applauding. It appears that the lights in our neighborhoods have been blown out by the collapse of the family.

I’m concerned that our children and grandchildren will face barbaric acts of persecution we never imagined possible. The children of many of my friends and colleagues in other countries already face such terror. Smart bombs, ideological debates, and political correctness can’t shatter the darkness dwelling in the human heart. Only a display of the glory of God has the ability to expose and enlighten such hearts. We need a supernatural visitation from heaven – a revival much like the ones that our forefathers built as the foundation for Western civilization.

However, such a need exposes a great problem for the Western world. While the darkness of radical Islam grows, the church has been rocked to sleep in the bed of apathy. We’ve pulled the covers over our heads and said, “Night is approaching. We need our rest. All will be better in the morning.”

We must awaken. I’m not an alarmist, but I’ve spent most of my life walking into the dark and difficult nations of the world. Much of what I’ve seen in those places, I’m now witnessing in the West. I’m convinced the Church holds the only hope to turn back the dark clouds. It’s only when the wind of God blows that the ominous clouds are turned awayfrom our hearts and homes. I’m convinced that revival is no longer a good idea. It’s a necessity.

As we see the darkness swiftly approaching, we must put on the “whole armor of God” and let our “light shine.” A battle is raging for the hearts of men and women around the world. We face those who march to the drumbeat of hate. However, hate surrenders to those who carry weapons loaded with love. Our weapons are not filled with bombs that wreak death and destruction.

When we use the weapons given us, love spreads so rapidly that it brings life to all in its path and transforms the course of history. Darkness is dispersed, and the light of God’s glory rises. Heaven visits earth. Revival descends. The world is changed. Hate can never defeat love when that love is exercised in the power of the One whose nature is love. The light of God’s love will dispel the darkness.

In April, I will be speaking at the Heart-Cry for Revival Conference (Conference link). I invite you to attend the conference and seek God with other Christians for an outpouring of God’s Spirit that will bring light back into our society.

Sammy Tippit

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    Your book , fire in the heart has changed my life. How do I get copies of other books of yours to buy in Ghana? Do you have an Agent in Ghana that sells your books? Please connect me to them if there is.