The Burning Bush Study Guide


“When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, God sent a great spiritual renewal to my heart. In an amazing manner, He also renewed my home and restored my health. The restoration of my health was so dramatic that I not only completed the original Greek marathon 1 1/2 years later, but also won the Texas State Championship in the Senior Games in the 400 meters one year after that.”

“Perhaps the most extraordinary renewal took place in my home. During this process, God taught me incredible lessons about family life. It resulted in my book Praying for Your Family which has been a source of Bible study throughout America and in several nations. However, the most important part of this renewal is what God did in my heart. I have experienced the deepest revival of my life.”

“As a result of this renewal, God spoke to my heart to share the truths that I’ve learned with other men. A vision has grown out of this personal revival for a conference called The Burning Bush. I’ve asked some of America’s most outstanding Christian leaders to assist me in presenting truths that will impact a man’s heart, home, and health.”

“I’m convinced that men who attend and apply what they learn at this conference will experience a great renewal and higher quality of life – spiritually, relationally, and physically. The truths presented have the potential to dramatically change men’s heart, home, and health.”

“I want to personally invite you to attend The Burning Bush, a conference where you may encounter God in such a way that the trajectory of your life may never be the same. So, please join me and hundreds of other men who seek God for a great renewal.”

In Jesus,
Sammy Tippit