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Twice a Slave

Written by Sammy Tippit with Randy Willis When the son of a Cherokee slave determines to find his purpose and discover his identity, he becomes a slave a second time. This fictional account of the life of Joseph Willis is rooted in early American history and filled with drama: a forbidden romance, faith molded by […]

The Prayer Factor

Sammy Tippit’s book The Prayer Factor (Published in 1988) has been updated in 2007. Here’s a summary from the book back cover:  ONE FACTOR can REVOLUTIONIZE your LIFE, our CHURCHES AND our SOCIETY: THE PRAYER FACTOR.   Prayer can turn a sleepy, status quo Christian walk into a dynamic experience with the living Christ. It […]

Praying For Your Family

Praying for Your Family provides hope for your home and explains how to forge a future for your family. You will read inspirational testimonies, learn foundational principles, and apply tremendous truths that enable you to pray effectively for your family. The Meeting Place: The place where God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Will intersect. There you will […]

The Race

The Race, a book about life principles learned from the biblical imagery of the athlete, especially the runner. The Race contains testimonies of some of the world’s greatest sports figures — their successes and failures, triumphs and tragedies, the pain suffered and the lessons learned. These truths will send a refreshing from heaven as you […]