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Prayer in the Darkness 1

As pictures of gruesome beheadings continue to make their way on to the Internet and in our television sets, one can’t help but wonder if there is any hope for modern civilization. Who would have dreamed that the world would see such barbarianism in the 21st century? The darkness seems to be growing exponentially. Once […]



Preaching in the Devil’s Playground

When I wrote Twice a Slave, I didn’t realize how relevant much of the story would be to what is transpiring in our world at this moment. In the novel, I wrote about Joseph going into what had been dubbed The Devil’s Playground. People were fearful of the area because it was inhabited by “outlaws, […]

The Cane Ridge Revival – Part 2

During the late 1700s, many people wondered if the new nation would survive. The United States went down a road that had never been travelled. It was a grand experiment of politics, freedom, and faith. Many historians believe that the First Great [Spiritual] Awakening produced the desire for freedom, brought unity to the people, and […]



The Cane Ridge Revival – Part 1

What does 1798 have in common with 2014? More than you might think – at least in America. Many Christians bemoan the situation we face today, but it’s not too unlike the circumstances of the church shortly after we established our nation and declared our freedom. Two friends, Bill Elliff and Byron Paulus, have just […]

The Reverend Devil

I included one of the most despicable characters in American history in my book, Twice a Slave. I’d never heard of him until I did research on my family history. His father was a minister, and his mother a prostitute. He despised his father, and learned thievery from his mother. While she was doing business […]



Spying Out the Land

With passion blazing in his eyes, the old man wagged his finger. “Young man, next year, there’s going to be 100,000 atheist, communist youth gathered in our city. I want you to pray about preaching Jesus to them.” My mouth dropped. The communists had built a wall around the city of Berlin. There were machinegun […]

Life Lessons from the NBA Finals

Full disclosure – I’m a San Antonio Spurs fan, an avid Spurs fan. Many of these insights are taken from watching the Spurs throughout the entire NBA playoffs. However, most of them were observed during the finals against the Miami Heat. The following are life lessons we can all draw from the NBA playoffs. 1. […]



A Witness to Murder

John Bass appealed to Mr. Thomas not to kill the Native American, but Thomas wouldn’t listen. Thomas had already shot him and left him for dead. When he learned that he was still alive, Thomas pursued the Choctaw and killed him. When I read the 1806 documents detailing what my third great grandfather, John Bass, […]

When the Judge Meets Grace

We must never compromise God’s standard. We are a people of grace, not condemnation. Holy is the Lord. Jesus is full of grace. Obedience to the Word of God brings intimacy with God. We are no longer living under the law, but we are free in the Holy Spirit. The above statements may seem contradictory, […]



A Mysterious Wind

The wind picked up, and the rain fell. Soon it turned into a torrential downpour as a hurricane blew through south Louisiana. It’s one of those instances you never forget. The feel of the wind, the sounds of nature, and the ominous clouds gave the moment a unique sensation. The anticipation of hurricane winds carving […]