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Twice a Slave Coming in MAY 2014 With Sammy Tippit Follow Sammy on ..




Sammy Tippit has written several books that will bring you closer to Jesus Christ .. and bring Jesus closer to you. What are you needing now .. Concerned about the recent terrorism and the declining morality in our nation? Read Light in the Darkness. Strength for your daily living? Read Fit for Battle. Want to […]

Sammy Tippit – Author

Sammy Tippit has written and been co-author of 17 books and e-books. He was co-author of Sammy Tippit – God’s Love in Action, which was the first book written by bestselling author, Jerry B. Jenkins. After writing four books with Jenkins, he began writing numerous non-fiction books on his own. Many of those books have […]


Running Home cover_250x250


Sammy made a decision to write fiction in 2012 and immediately gave himself to learning the craft. Running Home is his second non-fiction novel and the first in the Louisiana Light series. His fiction works are laced with the theme of personal revival and are inspirational mysteries with fast paced drama that keeps the reader […]